Dog Training Tip by Jennalee

Trick-or-treating is right around the corner. Does your dog go nuts every time the doorbell rings? Do your dogs like to jump all over guests when they enter your house? There are a variety of different methods you can use to handle this situation, which can make greetings better for both the dog and the guests. When you open your door and you allow your dog to be by your side, they do not respect your space. They also think the guests are their guests and they can jump and bark at your guests. If you take some time to teach the dog they have to sit politely, away from the door, the dog will soon understand they need to respect the space and the guest at the door is “your” guest, not theirs. Using a mat as a marker for where you want your dog to sit when guests arrive is a useful tool. 

To learn how to use a mat for a variety of polite behaviors, sign up for a Mat Matters workshop or a Canine Essentials class at Nature’s Feed Educational and Wellness Center.