May News at Nature’s Feed


I think Spring has finally arrived! Many of us are looking forward to the warmer temps and some are dreading the allergies that come with the warmer weather! We have several solutions to assist with your pet’s allergy symptoms.

We want to thank everyone that donated to the food pantry despite us having to cancel the pet nail clipping due to the recent dog flu cases in the county. We received $30.00 in donations!!


Nature’s Feed and Nutri Life have teamed up to offer you a FREE 15 lb bag of Nutri Life dog food (a value of up to $35.00) when you register for a 6 week dog training class with us. We strongly believe that a good diet is an important part of a successful dog training program. Call the store for current class schedule. One offer per customer.

4 Pillars of Dog Health & Wellness – May 19th 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Is your dog a bit off, a little tired, overweight, or anxious? Does your dog excessive lick or scratch? Are you running to your to the vet with constant ear infections or urinary tract infections? Join me as we present the 4 Pillars of Dog Health & Wellness; nutrition, environment, emotional stability, and healthcare. Many of the items that will be discussed pertain to kitties too!

All attendees will receive FREE samples, a copy of Dogs Naturally Magazine, and coupons. If you have a dog, you cannot afford to miss this! Please contact the store to sign up!

Dog Training Tip by Jennalee Bee

Did you know it is better to train your dog for a couple minutes at a time versus training for a straight hour a day?

When you try to train for an hour at a time a lot dogs get frustrated or bored. When this happens you will start to get frustrated that your dog is no longer listening to you. Training should be fun for both the dog and the human. When working with your dog it is best to train for 1 to 3 minutes at a time and then take breaks in between the sessions. These short sessions are much easier to fit into your busy schedules and much more reinforcing for the dog. In our 6 week training classes, we believe it is important to take mini breaks while learning. If you are looking for more ways to build the relationship with your furry family member contact the store for a current class schedule.

January is National Train Your Dog Month by Jennalee Bee!!

It’s National Train Your Dog Month and I want to help you bring out the best in your furry friend. Did you just add a new member to your family? Or is your dog exhibiting a behavior that you just haven’t had a chance to work on? Let me help you. Make a new years resolution to help make your relationship better for you and your dog. I approach training as a partnership. You, the dog owner, and your pet are a team. You are on the same side! I act as a coach, and I will help you communicate with your dog. I will help you understand your dog’s behavior, and give you tools to modify some of the problem behaviors. We will accomplish this through positive reinforcement training. The style of training we use is all about building confidence in your dog and building trust between you and your companion. I have classes on various days at various times.


$10.00 OFF

Learn more about our force-free dog training and obedience classes – click here.

We are offering $10.00 off any class that is paid for in January AND savings on select dog training treats, treat pouches, interactive mind games, and more!


To better serve our customers, we moved out Educational and Training Center to the same location as the store, 2440 Westward Drive in Spring Grove. You can use the store’s parking lot and enter the center through the gate that is to the right of the store.

Dog Training & Dog Obedience Tips: Greeting Behavior

Dog Training Tip by Jennalee

Trick-or-treating is right around the corner. Does your dog go nuts every time the doorbell rings? Do your dogs like to jump all over guests when they enter your house? There are a variety of different methods you can use to handle this situation, which can make greetings better for both the dog and the guests. When you open your door and you allow your dog to be by your side, they do not respect your space. They also think the guests are their guests and they can jump and bark at your guests. If you take some time to teach the dog they have to sit politely, away from the door, the dog will soon understand they need to respect the space and the guest at the door is “your” guest, not theirs. Using a mat as a marker for where you want your dog to sit when guests arrive is a useful tool.

To learn how to use a mat for a variety of polite behaviors, sign up for a Mat Matters workshop or a Canine Essentials class at Nature’s Feed Educational and Wellness Center.

Summer is here! (closed July 4th)

Summer sure has started out with a lot of rain…and with rain comes humidity and BUGS! Be sure your pets are protected! Some of our favorites are Bug Off Garlic and Canine Calm by Earth Heart.

WE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY, JULY 4TH. Have a happy and safe holiday! See you at the parade!! Be sure your pets are ready for the fireworks!

If your dog is afraid of fireworks, try the Thundershirt or Calming products such as Canine Calm by Earth Heart or Rescue Remedy by Bach. Be sure to put the Thundershirt on prior to the fireworks!

Don’t leave pets outside during fourth of July festivities. Many dogs get frightened and go missing during the fourth of July.

For more tips, please visit

Dog Training Tip by Jennalee – Scarry Noises & Fearful Dogs

Summer brings some nasty storms. Nasty storms can mean scared dogs. As the thunder booms and lightening crackles your dog may be showing some extensive stress signs: panting, drooling, pacing, etc. If you are having trouble with nasty storms, fireworks, or gunshots you are can work to desensitize your dog to those sounds.

Start by getting yourself a CD that has thunderstorms and fireworks on it and turn it on the quietest setting. As the CD plays and your dog is calm, start feeding some yummy treats. As the dog gets comfortable with the very low noises, turn up the volume a bit at the next session. Every session start to increase the volume and continue feeding treats, until the dog is comfortable at the highest volume. By doing this you are teaching the dog that loud noises bring yummy treats, a positive experience, versus just scary noises and fear. You can also incorporate a calming spray. Use the spray on yourself prior to the CD playing so the dog associates the smell and you as calming. You can rub some of the spray on the dog prior to playing the CD.

If you would like help in building confidence in your dog taking one of our Canine Essentials Classes that focus on building the confidence in your dog and increasing the trust in your relationship.