Customer Testimonials

Below are testimonials from Nature’s Feed satisfied customers.

“My fiance and I were referred to your store by our vet and a friend. Our cat, Polly, has been very sick for the past three weeks and we made two trips to the vet to discover what was going on with her. In all her eight years, she’s never been sick! She was given shots and antibiotics for some gastrointestinal issues which caused vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, etc. It broke my heart and I was desperate to find something to help her. Hence, we made a trip to your store and we were greeted by two very friendly people that were extremely sympathetic and knowledgable. They took their time and helped us find products that would help. We ended up with grain and bpa free cat food, raw pumpkin and goat’s milk. When we got home we immediately followed the ladie’s helpful suggestions, and the results were outstanding. Polly loved it, even begged for more! And the best thing was that she kept it down! We are truly grateful for this store and the help it has provided us. We will definitely come back for all of Polly’s needs. You have gained another loyal customer!”

– Mary, Brian & Polly. (September 2013)


“EVERYTHING! Staff so welcoming and knowledgeable. Have two sweet pit mixes and they are warmly welcomed. No judgment. Great toys and products.”

– Jeanne B. (May 2013)


“The owner and staff are amazing and will go above and beyond to find out anything you need or have questions on … They have great products for every animal need possible … Duncan loves visiting.”  

– Jaime M. (May 2013)


“Natures Feed is an amazing place to go. The staff is very knowledgeable about the products and our four legged family members. They are also amazingly friendly and also greet you with a smile. I enjoy coming to this store and so do my pets.”

– Amy N. (April 2013)


“What a great store and staff! I love the antlers-or I should say my dog loves the antlers. I’m just lucky that you are located so close though I would travel to shop there if you weren’t!”  

– Audrey W. (October 2012)


“Hey Ladies, I just want to say a huge “thank you” for all of the help, research and suggestions for Casey’s allergies over the last several months. As you know, we had her tested and brought in the results. It was suggested that we purchase some Herb IQ and more salmon oil, which we did. We went on a search for very limited ingredient food and so did you guys! I can’t tell you how different she is and how nice it is to sleep through the night and not have to rub her ears several times in the night and during the day. It is nice not to have to put lotion in her ears several times a day and clean them several times a week. So, thanks to you guys; we have found a perfect regimen for Casey to be healthy and happy! Thank you soooooo much!!!!  Enjoy your day!”

– Sharon & Ed M. (April 2012)


“This is a great place! Incredible products and staff! The food I’ve put my dogs on has improved their health tremendously!”

– Lori B. (Feb 2012)


“This store is the best I have told several people about the place and love love it. The owner is super nice and is very knowledgeable and the staff also. Best and healthier choices for your pet.”

– Tray M. (Nov. 10, 2011)


“I cannot praise Dorothy and her staff enough for helping me find nutritional food and treats for my 9 year old Jack Russell. Starr suffers from seasonal skin allergies and her change in diet from a pure kibble diet to partial raw has given me back a more energetic, happier, and healthy companion. Starr loves the raw pork, Nature’s Variety Rabbit Meal, and all of the grain-free products I have purchased for her. I was literally at my wit’s end trying to find a diet that would keep Starr out of the vet’s office and off of medication for a condition that could be controlled through a healthy diet and supplements. The Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil has given Starr a beautiful, shiny coat and the dental products are helping me keep her teeth and gums healthy and avoid another trip to the vet’s office for dental cleaning. I can now relax knowing that Starr is getting nothing but the best from Nature’s Feed. Healthy companion, happy life!”

– Lisa H. (June 27, 2011)


“What a GREAT store! The owner is a wonderful and knowledgeable lady. We put our 10 1/2 year old German Shepherd on their Taste of the Wild food after he had been starting to lose weight on Royal Canine. We also started with a glucose supplement that he absolutely loves!!! We used to put a bowl of food out and he would peck at it here and there, now he it’s all right up!!! The best part of it is that the food and the glucose supplement together are still a little cheaper than his previous food was on its own. Now he likes his food more, has more energy, and is more active!”

– Matt (Jan 24, 2011)


“Nature’s Feed, We have a Lab and a old English Mastiff. They are large dogs with large appetites! We were feeding our dogs a common dog food product because we really didn’t think it mattered. Our Lab has always had terrible allergy problems. His ears were gunky and stinky and the shedding was so bad! It was uncontrollable! We lived with it and just brushed, vacuumed, swept, carried sticky rollers with us everywhere we went. It was really hard to deal with! Our Mastiff was doing okay but just wasn’t gaining weight and would look a little thinner than we thought she should be. We did research on the internet, many visits to the vet, medications, everything! Both dogs were also having digestion problems and would sometimes go to the bathroom in the house. Finally, someone suggested we switch their food. We were a little apprehensive because of the cost (it was double what we were paying) but we gave it a shot. I cannot believe the difference!!!! We switched to the salmon flavored Taste of the Wild. The dogs love it! Our Lab’s shedding has decreased so much and his ears have finally cleared up. Our Mastiff looks so healthy and beautiful! Even though it was double the price the dogs are eating less than they used to, so the price difference almost evens out. We are so happy! Thank you for offering to us in Spring Grove! I will send you pictures of our dogs! Thanks again!”

– Leslie (Nov. 4, 2010)


“Love this store. Owner is friendly and extremely helpful. Great location. I have a fat cat and we have her on an all natural blend which is helping to reduce body weight and keeping her healthy. She loves the taste, much better than her old generic brand. Thanks for your help!!!!”

– Max (Feb. 9, 2010)


“Hi Dorothy! Just wanted to wish you well for your open house Saturday! Wish we could be there to celebrate, but we have a full schedule that day and won’t be able to make it. You have a fantastic business and every time I leave there I tell Zach, “now THAT’S how a business should be run!” We all wish you many years of continued success! See you soon!”

– Diane, Zach & Bugsy B. (Nov. 18, 2009)


“Dorothy, CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST YEAR IN BUSINESS. YOU ARE THE BEST and could easily teach people how to make a new customer want to keep coming back. It’s your perpetual smile, one can hear in your voice. Now, TJ, he’s another story. How do you put up with that handsome guy? You must be a saint! You have always given me the best, honest advice about choosing the correct food. Let me tell you, your food is so good, I eat 6 cups a day and have a trim, muscular body to prove it. All because of meeting you! Thank you so much for having your store in town. We love being so close to you! Thank you also for opening your store on your day off when my daddy forgot to by food for me on Saturday. You are always willing to help your customers, even after hours. Ruff ruff. I rove you, Dorothy! You are the BEST!”

– Gino (Nov, 16, 2009)