Meet the Pack


Babe Mirs – Store Associate

“I am owned by an adopted senior Lab named Coco and 2 adopted cats, Toonces and Henry. We all live happily together in Johnsburg.  I have been in the horse world for over 40 years.  My boy Redman was with me for 34 great years! I am a volunteer for 2 local Labrador rescues where I enjoy fostering (mostly seniors) and interviewing potential adopters. I like to spend my spare time quilting, metal detecting and researching health and nutrition in pets.”

Judy Bochat – Store Associate

“My name is Judy. I had been a customer at Nature’s Feed for a few years before I started working here. I wasn’t a consistent customer, but I’d stop in on occasion and took a dog training class. I have two dogs, a Chihuahua named Radar and a Golden Retriever named Norman. In February 2016, Norman was diagnosed with a cancerous nerve sheath tumor on his leg. I started doing some research into  this kind of cancer and my husband and I decided to go the holistic route rather than submit him to radiation and/or chemo. I headed right to Nature’s Feed and everyone there was eager to help me choose the right protocol to keep him healthy and strong. I was an active real estate agent at the time, but when I found out the store was looking to hire someone, I decided to apply. To make a long story short, I was hired in May 2016 and I haven’t looked back. I am eager to come to work everyday and help people who have animals with issues, just like I was helped! Everyday is full of friendly customers and most of all a lot of dog kisses.”

Kim Burr-Gor – Store Associate

I started Nature’s Feed in March 2017 as a Store Associate. I currently have 1 dog, Mocha and 2 cats Princess and Diablo. I also foster for Tiny Paws out of Union Grove, WI. I live in Salem, WI with my husband and our 2 children. We have 6 children between the both of us. I love learning how food and natural products help animals. I’m so glad that my Aunt Judy told me about this amazing store. I love our customers and meeting their furry kids.

Lynn Davids – Senior Store Associate

“Hi, my name Lynn Davids.  I am married with 5 children and have lived in Spring Grove for 23 years. I presently have 3 dogs and a lot of cats.  I have always loved animals and have always had many in my life. I worked at an animal clinic for almost three years before joining Natures Feed. I love to hear about your pets and love to help people better understand our wonderful four legged friends.”



Mitch Domenella– Warehouse Associate

Hi! I work in the warehouse checking in food off the delivery trucks. I also stock the shelves and try to make everything look pretty. I have 2 dogs. They are Boston Terriers named Marty and Zoey. My favorite part of coming to work is seeing the adorable doggies and getting slobbery kisses from them.

 Joey Willett – Warehouse Associate

Hi everyone! I love talking to everyone and making new friends everywhere I go. I have 5 pets. The 3 cats are Tasha, Kundy, and Jasmine. My dog’s name is Tea’ and my bird is Juliet. I love all of them like siblings, but one is very attached to me like glue, and that is 10 year old Tea’.