Meet the Pack


Anne Eckardt – Store Manager

Hi! I have lived in Spring Grove with my husband and 2 sons for 16 years. We also have a shelter dog named Riley (girl FYI). We moved up here where Karl is from and enjoy the great community.  I have been part of the Chamber and Cub Scouts organizations over the years and am excited to be with the team at Nature’s Feed! I have had many pets over the years and have been a customer at the store before I started so I know how important the knowledge that the staff can give customers is! I have been in retail management for the last 6 years and before that was in the building industry.  I’m excited to help your pets stay happy and healthy!

Kim Burr-Gor – Store Associate

I started Nature’s Feed in March 2017 as a Store Associate. I currently have 2 dog, Mocha and Tony and 2 cats Princess and Diablo. I also foster for Tiny Paws out of Union Grove, WI. I live in Salem, WI with my husband and our 2 children. We have 6 children between the both of us. I love learning how food and natural products help animals. I’m so glad that my Aunt Judy told me about this amazing store. I love our customers and meeting their furry kids.

Laura Nelson – Store Associate

Laura’s the name, helping pets is my game! I knew as a little girl that I wanted to grow up and have a job working with animals. Little did I know that would come true, and more than I ever imagined! I’ve been managing a boarding and training facility for the past 5 years in which I absolutely love doing with every ounce of my being! And I can now officially call Nature’s Feed another love of mine! On top of my two jobs, I also run a non-profit pet donation pickup and delivery service. I started Be Their Voice in September 2016 and since day one, have been extremely successful at helping thousands of shelter pets. In my spare time..which isn’t much..I cater to my “dogters”, Mocha and Pepper. Both rescue dogs, of course. As I always say, “love is a four-legged word”.

 Rich Adamek – Store Associate

My two passions are photography and animal behavior! It’s amazing to get a chance to spend time with animals every day! My wife, Kate, and I have 2 cats and a dog. This year, we will be adding another pup to our crew. Our son and future hiking buddy is due in October and we could not be more excited! I hope to learn, and in turn, teach as much as I can to my son and help him understand the world around him.

Mitch Domenella– Warehouse Associate

Hi! I work in the warehouse checking in food off the delivery trucks. I also stock the shelves and try to make everything look pretty. I have 2 dogs. They are Boston Terriers named Marty and Zoey. My favorite part of coming to work is seeing the adorable doggies and getting slobbery kisses from them.

 Brendan Lambrechts – Warehouse Associate