Are you Experiencing Unwanted Dog Behaviors?!

Did you know that sometimes the easiest way to get rid of an unwanted  behavior is to ignore it?  Most of the time dogs turn to barking and jumping to get our attention.  They don’t care if it is positive or negative attention, they just know it works to get a reaction out of us. So if we learn to ignore these unwanted behaviors, they will start to go away. If we learn to reinforce the behaviors we like, the dogs will start to offer those behaviors instead of the unwanted behaviors.  When was the last time you said “good girl” or “good boy” to your dog while they were lying down and being quiet? To learn more about reinforcing the behaviors we want in our dogs, sign up for one of our classes held here at Nature’s Feed.  Please contact us for a current class schedule.

Are your pets prepared for Flea & Tick Season?

April is a great month to start your dog on garlic!! Yes, garlic for the dogs is a great flea and tick prevention. It takes a few weeks for the garlic to really start working so we suggest you begin today!! Nature’s Feed is offering this natural flea and tick alternative, in a convenient and inexpensive powder or pill for 20% OFF this month! You will SAVE money and your family and dog will be healthier too!! Garlic IS safe for dogs in appropriate amounts. We don’t suggest you feeding your dog cloves and cloves of garlic on a daily basis, but a small amount is very beneficial. Garlic is also great for digestion and works as an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and boosts the immune system. Chemical flea and tick control can cause skin irritations and can contribute to endocrine issues. We also have some wonderful natural flea and tick sprays that will come in handy on those walks through the parks and forest preserves. They are also 20% OFF this month!

Dog Training Tip by Jennalee Bee

Did you know it is better to train your dog for a couple minutes at a time versus training for a straight hour a day?

When you try to train for an hour at a time a lot dogs get frustrated or bored. When this happens you will start to get frustrated that your dog is no longer listening to you. Training should be fun for both the dog and the human. When working with your dog it is best to train for 1 to 3 minutes at a time and then take breaks in between the sessions. These short sessions are much easier to fit into your busy schedules and much more reinforcing for the dog. In our 6 week training classes, we believe it is important to take mini breaks while learning. If you are looking for more ways to build the relationship with your furry family member contact the store for a current class schedule.

Hello Animal Lovers!

What a cold winter we have had!! Looking forward to warmer temps so we can start spending more time outside!

We’d like to thank everyone who came out for our Smooch A Pooch, our Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for L.E.A.R.N. (Labrador Education and Rescue Network). Through your generous donations and one of our wonderful customers matching the donations, we raised $ 1451.00! I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing community!!!


L.E.A.R.N. is the organization that I foster for and where my wonderful Riley came from. L.E.A.R.N. has taken in two large groups of labs from a not so good condition,all requiring medical attention, and many needing to be spayed and neutered. Our previous foster pup, Macy, was part of the first group that was rescued. I am happy to say that Macy has been adopted. It was a difficult decision to make but I knew it was best for her and her new family is oh so perfect for her!! Thank you to all that helped with her care and provided her the love and support to become an amazing little girl!!

Happy New Year Animal Lovers!

Happy New Year to you and your family!! I am truly grateful to all of you who have supported Nature’s Feed: Natural Pet Products, Pet Food, and Pet Supplies and the events held throughout the past year. Through your generous support, just over $ 9,000.00 was raised for local animal shelters, food pantries and Centegra Foundation’s Breast Care Fund! I am extremely blessed to live in an incredibly caring and generous community and want to extend our sincerest appreciation to you. We couldn’t do it without our amazing staff, supportive vendors and YOU, our wonderful customers whom many we’ve developed a friendship with!! We truly cannot thank you enough!


Thank you also for allowing us to serve you and your fur family! We greatly appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in us! We look forward to providing you with the best food, products, training and service in 2015 that Nature’s Feed is known for and that you deserve! Nature’s Feed has the BEST customers!!

Is Your Dog Itching A Lot Lately?

Have you noticed that your dog has been itching a lot lately? If your dog is generally healthy and normally does not scratch excessively, you may be dealing with something as minor as dry skin or an environmental allergy. By now, many of us have started up the furnace which has caused our homes to be dry and kick out some dust that has been sitting in the house vents. We recommend adding oils to your dogs diet, specifically fish or coconut oil. Our fur kids enjoy a scoop of coconut oil in the morning and fish oil in the evening. I actually needed to start spraying Riley with Zymox Conditioner cause he is so dry and scratching. We’ve found this works best for our fur kids! Come on in and we’ll be happy to help you choose an oil for your fur kid!

Dog Training & Dog Obedience Tips: Greeting Behavior

Dog Training Tip by Jennalee

Trick-or-treating is right around the corner. Does your dog go nuts every time the doorbell rings? Do your dogs like to jump all over guests when they enter your house? There are a variety of different methods you can use to handle this situation, which can make greetings better for both the dog and the guests. When you open your door and you allow your dog to be by your side, they do not respect your space. They also think the guests are their guests and they can jump and bark at your guests. If you take some time to teach the dog they have to sit politely, away from the door, the dog will soon understand they need to respect the space and the guest at the door is “your” guest, not theirs. Using a mat as a marker for where you want your dog to sit when guests arrive is a useful tool.

To learn how to use a mat for a variety of polite behaviors, sign up for a Mat Matters workshop or a Canine Essentials class at Nature’s Feed Educational and Wellness Center.

October Community News

October 11th
KC’s Cabin Spring Grove Fireworks Gold Fundraiser

October 11th
Horse Show at Horse Fair Park in Spring Grove, IL.
For more information

October 31st
Trunk or Treat at Jewel in Spring Grove


Nature’s Feed is collecting used towels, blankets, tack, and barn supplies for the local shelters. We also collect dog and cat food for the local food pantries.