Summer offers us the ability to enjoy the outdoors; unfortunately may cause some problems with our pups.  Thunderstorms, motorcycles, and fireworks can be terrifying to some dogs.  It can be close to impossible to calm some dogs down when they get so worked up.  There are useful tools that you can use to take some of the edges off, such as, Thundershirts, EarthHeart Canine Calm or Bach Rescue Remedy.  It also helps to address it with some training.  A good way to desensitize a dog to these sounds is to get it on CD.  You start by playing the CD on the most quiet setting. Once your dog is calm, reinforce with treats and praise.  Slowly make the sound louder and louder till your dog will associate the “scary” noise with something good (treats and praise).  If your dog ever gets too nervous go back a step and make the CD quieter.