It's National Train Your Dog Month and we are offering our popular Freedom Harnesses at 20% off (in-store only). We love the Freedom Harness! Dorothy personally uses it on all of her dogs and loves that it keeps them from pulling as well as taking pressure off of their necks. 

Why is that so important? 

Repeated pressure on the neck has been known to contribute to many health conditions such as pinched nerves, neck problems, laryngeal paralysis, thyroid disfunction, and excess licking of paws. Dorothy recommends using the Freedom Harness leash with the harness since it allows you to attach the leash to both the chest and between the shoulders. 

Many harnesses that only offer a leash attachment between the shoulders will give your dog MORE power to pull. So it is good to use a harness with a leash attachment on the chest or better yet both areas. The friendly staff at Nature's Feed is happy to help you fit your dog into the proper harness, so bring your furry friends in for a fitting! 

Nature's Feed is also offering 20% off select training items including select treats during January 2021. Stop by to see what training items we've got on sale. 

See you soon!