February 22, 2022 is World Spay Day and February is actually Spay & Neuter Awareness Month!
The number of dogs and cats euthanized in the US is alarming! Is early spay and neuter practices the answer?  
What is referred as "early" is usually before 6 months for dogs.  In some countries, spay and neuter of dogs is against the law and these countries do not have an overpopulation of abandoned animals. There is little data on early spay and neuter of cats. 
We are not suggesting that you never spay and neuter your pets! Nature's Feed has and always will be a resource for pet parents. We like to educate pet parents so they can empower themselves to make the best decisions for their pets.
As more research has been done, early spay and neuter may not be the best choice for ALL pets. Some research has shown that early spay and neuter can increase a dogs chances of ligament tears, hip dysplaisa, and endocrine issues. I think this is a good time to bring awareness of the importance of spay and neuter AND when is it the best time for this procedure. We suggest pet parents to do some research and discuss the pros and cons of early spay and neuter with your veterinarian. Interested in learning more? Please click here for a great article to review.