Pet Dental Month 

February is pet dental month and to help our furry family members with their dental care, Nature’s Feed is offering 20% off select dental products during the month of February (2021). Did you know that oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in pets by our veterinarians. The bacteria in the mouth can not only cause oral disease, but it can also lead to diseases of the organs, heart and kidney in particular. Keep your pet healthy and happy through complete dental care. Many vegetarians offer specials on dental cleanings this month, too. 

Many believe they need to feed their dog something crunchy to help with plaque removal, however it is the dry pet food that causes the problem. All dry pet food must contain a starch/carbohydrate; the starch is the sticky substance that sticks to your pet’s teeth that causes the issues. In fact, dogs that are fed a raw diet, which is high in moisture and no starch, have the best teeth. Why, you might wonder? This is because there is no sticky substance (starch) in raw food. Stop by Nature’s Feed to learn more on how diet can play a role in your dog’s oral health.