The new year is always a good time to start anew; many folks focus on improving their health and wellness. This may include changing eating habits and eating more fresh food and less processed foods. Why not improve your pet's bowl!

Improving your pet's diet can be easy by adding one or more of the following Primal products to the bowl and SAVE!

  • Raw Goat's Milk- Filled with over 100 strains of probiotics it helps build a better immune system! Over 70% of your pet's immune system is in the gut. Raw Goat's Milk also contains critical enzymes that helps your pet digest and absorb their food.
  • Bone Broth- Available in 4 flavors; bone broth supports a healthy immune system, and aids in digestion and joint health.
  • Fresh Food Elixirs - Functional fresh food elixirs are available to target skin and coat, digestion, and joints.
  • Raw Toppers - Raw Toppers are a great way to introduce some raw fresh food to your pet's bowl. Raw Toppers are available in 2 sizes, 5 flavors; with or without produce.

All Primal bowl builders are included in the Astro Loyalty Program. You will receive a FREE product after 12 purchases in each product category.

You can SAVE 20% on 1 bowl builder in each category when you purchase any kibble during the month of January 2021. Try them all!! (Restrictions may apply. Valid January 2021 while supplies last in-store only. Limit 1 offer per category per household.)