November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Since Madeline’s diagnosis of cancer on August 1, 2016, I’ve been researching all that I can on cancer; how does one get cancer, holistic treatments, and what’s the best way to prevent this from happening to any other pet!

First and foremost, if you have a pet that is diagnosed with cancer, DO NOT think it is an automatic death sentence! Don’t let cancer define WHO your pet is. Cancer is something your pet gets, it is not what they are. Your pet has the amazing ability to heal itself IF given the proper nutrition and supplements to heal. I cannot guarantee that your pet will be cured of cancer, but I know that there are ways to help your pet live a better quality of life and you just may beat the odds as many people have!

Here is what I found to be critical in Madeline’s cancer journey.

1. Nutrition – This is by far the MOST important when it comes to cancer. I encourage you to have an open mind and educate yourself on cancer. A couple of great resources are The Truth About Pet Cancer and The Ketopet Sanctuary. Diets that are high in fat, moderate protein and very, very little carbs are best.

2. Focus on Immune Support & Detoxification – Provide your pet with products that help their immune system fight cancer and that detoxifies. There are several products out there and I would suggest you work with a holistic vet and choose one that best helps your dog based on the type of cancer and any current health conditions. Some of my favorites are raw goats milk, colostrum, transfer factor, mushrooms, IP-6, Beta Glucans, turmeric, CBD oil and natural liver detoxifying herbs such as milk thistle. The use of essential oils such as frankincense applied topically can assist in your dog's healing.

3. Exercise & Positive Energy – We continue to go on our daily walks in the morning. It’s a great start to our day and helps the immune system. I also don’t look at Madeline as being sick. She may have cancer, but she isn’t cancer. She has some bad days and that’s ok, we all do. Staying positive and believing I am doing the best that I can for her helps the energy in the house, which helps her. Our pets are very sensitive to our feelings and tend to absorb our emotions. Stay positive and enjoy every moment with your pet. Staying in the present moment is the best gift you can give your pet! Have faith!

We are happy to announce, that we are now offering raw goats milk from a wonderful local farm in Richmond. They are available in 32oz and 64oz containers. Raw Goats Milk is the BEST probiotic you can offer your pet. Many feed yogurt, which has a few strains of bacteria. Raw Goats Milk has 200 strains of bacteria! Big difference when comparing it to yogurt!