Pet Dental Month

February is pet dental month and to help our furry family members with their dental care, we are offering 20% OFF select dental products. Oral disease is the number ONE health problem diagnosed in pets by our veterinarians. The bacteria in the mouth not only can cause oral disease, but it can also lead to diseases of the organs, heart and kidney in particular. Keep your pet healthy and happy through complete dental care. Many veterinarians offer specials on dental cleanings this month too.

Many believe they need to feed their dog something crunchy to help with plaque removal, however it is the dry pet food that causes the problem. All dry pet food must contain a starch/carbohydrate; the starch is the sticky substance that sticks to your pet’s teeth that causes the issues. In fact, dogs that are feed a raw diet, which is high in moisture and no starch, have the best teeth. Why you might wonder? This is because there is no sticky substance (starch) in raw food. To learn more on how diet can play a role in your dog’s oral health, stop on by.

RAW Resolution is underway at Nature’s Feed!

The new year is always a good time to start anew; many folks focus on improving their health and wellness. This may include changing eating habits and eating more fresh food and less processed foods. Why not add fresh, raw foods to your dogs diet!

You many have heard about feeding your pets RAW. Raw is exactly that, raw pet food that has not been cooked. Just replacing 25% your pets dry food with fresh food can make a big difference in your pet’s health. We are finding more pet owners moving towards feeding their pets a diet that is half dry food and half complete raw pet food. The benefits of feeding raw are:

  • Improved Teeth & Better Breath – Means little to no dental cleanings
  • Less Shedding & Better Coat – Less brushing and vacuuming
  • Less Stools – Means less clean up and less smell
  • Better Weight Management – Reduction in carbs helps with weight
  • Cancer Prevention – Reduced carbs assists in cancer prevention

This month we are highlighting a few of raw foods at 20% off! We also have a few raw food companies that offer a frequent buyer program. If you have any questions on how to incorporate raw into your pet’s, just ask. We are always happy to help!

A Cancer Diagnosis is NOT a Death Sentence!

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Since Madeline’s diagnosis of cancer on August 1, 2016, I’ve been researching all that I can on cancer; how does one get cancer, holistic treatments, and what’s the best way to prevent this from happening to any other pet!

First and foremost, if you have a pet that is diagnosed with cancer, DO NOT think it is an automatic death sentence! Don’t let cancer define WHO your pet is. Cancer is something your pet gets, it is not what they are. Your pet has the amazing ability to heal itself IF given the proper nutrition and supplements to heal. I cannot guarantee that your pet will be cured of cancer, but I know that there are ways to help your pet live a better quality of life and you just may beat the odds as many people have!

Here is what I found to be critical in Madeline’s cancer journey.

1. Nutrition – This is by far the MOST important when it comes to cancer. I encourage you to have an open mind and educate yourself on cancer. A couple great resources are The Truth About Pet Cancer and The Ketopet Sanctuary. Diets that are high in fat, moderate protein and very, very little carbs are best.

2. Focus on Immune Support & Detoxification – Provide your pet with products that help their immune system fight the cancer and that detoxifies. There are several products out there and I would suggest you work with a holistic vet and choose one that best help your dog based on the type of cancer and any current health conditions. Some of my favorites are raw goats milk, colostrum, transfer factor, mushrooms, IP-6, Beta Glucans, turmeric, CBD oil and natural liver detoxifying herbs such as milk thistle. The use of essential oils such as frankincense applied topically can assist in your dogs healing.

3. Exercise & Positive Energy – We continue to go on our daily walks in the morning. It’s a great start to our day and helps the immune system. I also don’t look at Madeline as being sick. She may have cancer, but she isn’t the cancer. She has some bad days and that’s ok, we all do. Staying positive and believing I am doing the best that I can for her helps the energy in the house, which helps her. Our pets are very sensitive to our feelings and tend to absorb our emotions. Stay positive and enjoy every moment with your pet. Staying in the present moment is the best gift you can give your pet! Have faith!

We are happy to announce, that we are now offering raw goats milk from a wonderful local farm in Richmond. They are available in 32oz and 64oz containers. Raw Goats Milk is the BEST probiotic you can offer your pet. Many feed yogurt, which has a few strains of bacteria. Raw Goats Milk has 200 strains of bacteria! Big difference when comparing it to yogurt!

WHY you should try Answers pet food?

If you’ve never checked out Answers…this is the month; it’s 20% OFF!!

Answers is a small family owned company and takes pride in using the BEST ingredients and BEST manufacturing practices. They pay attention to the details, such as using chicken eggs from farmers that use organic feed and the beef they use is from grass fed cattle! These minor details make an MAJOR impact on your pet’s health! Here are just some of the benefits in Answers.

– Sustainable Practices – Local, orangic and humanely raised animals. Answers Pet Food makes every effort to avoid or minimize the use of plastics in every stage of food production and storage.
– Fermentation Process – Fermentation is a huge supporter of immune function. It increases B-vitamins, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. It’s also the ultimate source of probiotics; 200 strains to be exact!
– Feed Less! This is important especially for pet owners that have large dogs or multiple dogs.

Want to learn more???
Check out their upcoming webinar and you will see why we LOVE Answers! By the way, they make treats, goats milk, fish stock and NEW turkey broth! These are great toppers for picky eaters!

Class 8 – October 18th at 7pm EST
Who is Answers Pet Food?

To attend please RSVP to and indicate the class you’ll be attending.

Summer Calming Help for your Dog!

Summer offers us the ability to enjoy the outdoors; unfortunately may cause some problems with our pups.  Thunderstorms, motorcycles, and fireworks can be terrifying to some dogs.  It can be close to impossible to calm some dogs down when they get so worked up.  There are useful tools that you can use to take some of the edge off, such as, Thundershirts, EarthHeart Canine Calm or Bach Rescue Remedy.  It also helps to address it with some training.  A good way to desensitize a dog to these sounds is to get it on CD.  You start by playing the CD on the most quiet setting. Once your dog is calm, reinforce with treats and praise.  Slowly make the sound louder and louder till your dog will associate the “scary” noise with something good (treats and praise).  If your dog ever gets too nervous go back a step and make the CD quieter.

January is National Dog Training Month – by Robin Taylor

It’s National Train Your Dog Month and I want to help you bring out the best in your furry friend.  Did you just add a new member to your family?  Or is your dog exhibiting a behavior that you just haven’t had a chance to work on?  Let me help you.  Make a new years resolution to help make your relationship better for you and your dog.  The style of training we use is all about building confidence in your dog and building trust between you and your companion.

I also offer Nose Work classes, which are great for any and all dogs regardless of age, training, or breed. In this class your dog will learn to hunt for different odors–the same way police dogs do–and you will learn how to read and interpret your dog’s body language. This is a wonderful way for you to engage your dog’s body and mind during these cold winter months.

We are offering a $10.00 Nature’s Feed Gift Certificate for those that register for a class in January (1 offer per household). We also have savings on treat pouches, interactive mind games, and clickers! Receive a FREE 15lb of NutriLife dog food when you register for a class, excluding our Nose Work classes.

Nature’s Feed Educational and Wellness Center is in the same location as the store, 2440 Westward Drive in Spring Grove. You can use the store’s parking lot and enter the center through the gate that is to the right of the store.

May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

We will be hosting a seminar on canine cancer prevention. Many of the topics that will be discussed are beneficial for felines as well. The statistics for canine and feline cancer are startling. 12 million dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer each year. 1 in 3 dogs are diagnosed of cancer. Would you like to learn ways to help prevent cancer? Do you know the early warning signs? We will also review some holistic remedies should you canine succumb to cancer.

All attendees will receive a FREE copy of Dogs Naturally Magazine, and a FREE 16 oz pint of Answers Goat Milk. ($12.00 Value)

Seats are limited, so please RSVP at or (815) 675-2008

Is Your Pet Food Properly Stored?

Proper pet food storage is critical to prevent bugs, mites and toxic plastic leakage. We recommend that you leave your pet food in its original package and place the entire bag in a container.  If you are not washing your pet food container after every purchase of pet food, you can develop storage mites in your container and not know it. Storage mites can cause allergy type symptoms. Pet food bags contain production information that you may need if your pet gets sick from the pet food. If you do want to pour your pet food in a container, we recommend that the container be BPA free, food safe, and you wash the container after each use. Storage containers are also great for bird seed, cat litter and treats. Come check out our various containers! They will be on sale for the month of June!


Allergies and sensitivities can affect pets just as easily as humans. From itchy skin, hot spots to red, irritated paws, and loose stools; it can be frustrating for pet owners to determine the cause of the allergy. Allergies can come from food, shampoos, detergents, cleaning products, dust mites, grass, etc. We sometimes cannot remove the allergen so we have to support the pet’s immune system and do what we can to help minimize the pet’s symptoms. It is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of your pet’s allergy, but with some patience and diligence, many pets can find relief naturally. The following are some recommendations for pets with allergies.

Raw Goats Milk contains probiotics and enzymes needed for a healthy immune system. Studies have shown that raw milk acts as a natural antihistamine.

​Bathe your pet with a shampoo that is free of parabens, alcohol, and sodium laurel sulfates. These ingredients can cause skin irritations.

Wash your animal’s bedding and clothing regularly using a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Vacuum often and remove dust mites naturally by spraying pillows, bedding, carpets and upholstery using 1 cup of vodka and 20-30 drops of eucalyptus oil.

Fish oil is very effective in allergy relief. Most dogs love it added to their food.

Coconut oil is another option for dogs that may not like fish oil.

Supplements, Chinese herbs and homeopathic options are available to assist in allergy relief. – These are 20% of this month!!

Raw pet food has been used successfully in relieving allergy symptoms because it is minimally processed. Answers Pet Food is 20% off this month!

Topical products are available to assist in the healing of hot spots and general skin irritations.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are very beneficial in creating a healthy gut.

​We suggest that you use natural products to clean your house. Refrain from synthetic powdered carpet refreshers and synthetic odor eliminating products.

Do not over vaccinate your pet.

May News at Nature’s Feed


I think Spring has finally arrived! Many of us are looking forward to the warmer temps and some are dreading the allergies that come with the warmer weather! We have several solutions to assist with your pet’s allergy symptoms.

We want to thank everyone that donated to the food pantry despite us having to cancel the pet nail clipping due to the recent dog flu cases in the county. We received $30.00 in donations!!


Nature’s Feed and Nutri Life have teamed up to offer you a FREE 15 lb bag of Nutri Life dog food (a value of up to $35.00) when you register for a 6 week dog training class with us. We strongly believe that a good diet is an important part of a successful dog training program. Call the store for current class schedule. One offer per customer.

4 Pillars of Dog Health & Wellness – May 19th 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Is your dog a bit off, a little tired, overweight, or anxious? Does your dog excessive lick or scratch? Are you running to your to the vet with constant ear infections or urinary tract infections? Join me as we present the 4 Pillars of Dog Health & Wellness; nutrition, environment, emotional stability, and healthcare. Many of the items that will be discussed pertain to kitties too!

All attendees will receive FREE samples, a copy of Dogs Naturally Magazine, and coupons. If you have a dog, you cannot afford to miss this! Please contact the store to sign up!