About Us

How it all started…

After 15 years in the software industry, I was done. Sure the money was great, but it no longer provided me with the satisfaction I was looking for and the passion for software was gone! I spent too many days traveling, away from my husband and four legged kids. I knew I loved animals and I enjoyed helping a local animal shelter as well as a rescue organization. My husband and I started taking in foster dogs and found it very rewarding and even talked about the idea of opening an animal shelter of our own, but we did not have the property nor the funds to open a shelter. As I spent more time volunteering for the animals and more time with my own animals, I just knew I wanted to do something that would involve animals and that would be of benefit.

I also felt I needed to share the success I had with my own pets through the use of natural pet foods, supplements and chiropractic treatment. Maverick, our mellow 11 year old lab, has had arthritis from an injury he sustained over 7 years, and Madeline, our three year old wild child, had ACL surgery and a diagnosis of hepatitis all before her third birthday. Both dogs had suffered from chronic ear infections and allergies that were caused by the foods they ate and the environment. We are also proud parents of a cat named Oreo that celebrated his 20th birthday this year and is still happy and purring. He has lost most of his hearing and sight but gets around just fine.

I explored various pet businesses with my husband, but wanted to find the right one that would allow us to share the success we had with our own pets, be a resource to the community on pet nutrition and care and create awareness for local and world wide animal organizations.

That is when the idea of a retail store came about. In bouncing around ideas with my husband, many family members and friends, Nature’s Feed was born to include additional four legged family members in the community including horses and small animals. We look forward to meeting your family (both human and furry) and would like the opportunity to be your trusted resource for all your pet’s nutritional needs.

Our best to you,

Dorothy, TJ, Maverick, Madeline & Oreo