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Have a Heart for Paws Fundraiser – Month of February!!

Love is all you need to make a difference in a pet’s life! Helping Paws Animal Shelter is partnering with Nature’s Feed from February 1 through February 28 with their Have a Heart for Paws campaign. During the month of February, Nature’s Feed will accept donations for Helping Paws. Donors who wish to participate can make a donation of $1 or more and write their name or their pet’s name on a paw print which will be displayed at Nature’s Feed. 100% of the funds donated will go towards the feeding and care of the homeless animals at Helping Paws Animal Shelter waiting for their forever homes.


Pet Adoption Event – February 7th 11am – 2 pm

Nature’s Feed will host an adoption event from 11am – 2pm on February 7th. Our event will feature local non-profits that make a difference in the lives of animals and people within our community. Helping Paws Animal Shelter and L.E.A.R.N. (Labrador Education and Rescue Network) will bring animals looking for their furever home!


Fromm Family Pet Foods will sponsor the event with $ 5.00 off Fromm Dog & Cat Food. (limit 2, please)

Haven’t tried Fromm Family Pet Foods? We have samples at the store!!

Smooch A Pooch Valentine’s Day Party – February 14th 11am – 2 pm

Come and get a smooch from Little Miss Madeline for a donation that will benefit L.E.A.R.N. (Labrador Education and Rescue Network). This is the rescue our very own Callyn came from and the rescue I foster for. L.E.A.R.N. has taken in 25 dogs since Thanksgiving from a retiring breeder/hoarder situation. All dogs require to be spayed and neutered. Many of the dogs tested positive for worms and lyme, which has generated large medical bills for these dogs. We will also have YUMMY TREATS for all!!

NutriLife will be sponsoring this event offering 5lb bags of NutriLife for ONLY $5.00 and 100% will get donated to L.E.A.R.N.! Limit 2 per customer! Looking for a deal on the 40lb bags of NutriLife…no problem! $5.00 OFF 40lb bags of NutriLife, limit 2 per customer.


Pet Dental Month is this Month!

February is pet dental month and to help our furry family members with their dental care, we are offering 20% OFF select dental products. Oral disease is the number ONE health problem diagnosed in pets by our veterinarians. The bacteria in the mouth not only can cause oral disease, but it can also lead to diseases of the organs, heart and kidney in particular. Keep your pet healthy and happy through complete dental care. Many veterinarians offer specials on dental cleanings this month too.

Many believe they need to feed their dog something crunchy to help with plaque removal, however it is the dry pet food that causes the problem. All dry pet food must contain a starch/carbohydrate; the starch is the sticky substance that sticks to your pet’s teeth that causes the issues. In fact, dogs that are feed a raw diet, which is high in moisture and no starch, have the best teeth. Why you might wonder? This is because there is no sticky substance (starch) in raw food. To learn more on how diet can play a role in your dog’s oral health, stop on by.

Raw bones and deer antlers can help keep your dog’s teeth clean too. Be sure you purchase the proper size to prevent your dog from choking or breaking a tooth. We are offering Tucker’s Raw Bones at 10% OFF in February. Come on in and check out our great selection of dental chews, bones and antlers!


T’s Toffee Giveaway – February 2nd-11th!

T’s Toffee is having their 2nd annual Valentine giveaway. There are six chances to win a full 1lb box of T’sToffee’s English Toffee! Simply stop by one of the following small businesses to enter your name in the giveaway. Drawing runs Feb 2-11th. Names will be picked on Feb 12th- all winners must pick up prize before Feb 14th. Fur Love of Dogs, Natures Feed & Birds of Paradise Florist (behind Jewel).See other locations on T’s Toffee’s Facebook


February Happenings

Love Your Pet Day February 20 – Show your pet some extra LOVE today! Spoil them with a NEW toy or a yummy chew treat! Nature’s Feed would like to show your pet the love! Come in that day with yor pet and yor pet will receive a FREE treat!

National Dog Biscuit Day February 23 – We will be offering FREE samples of dog biscuits for your dog to try or take some home for your dog.


Future Events &  Dates:

  • February 7 – Pet Adoption Event which will offer GREAT savings on pet food!
  • March 7, 11am-2pm – Pet Nail Clipping
  • April 4, 11am-2pm – Pet Adoption Event
  • April 25, 11am-2pm – Pet Nail Clipping
  • February 14 – Smooch a Pooch…….see exciting details above!


From all of us at Nature’s Feed,

Thank you for your continued support!


We would like to serve the community and our valued customers. If you have an event you would like us to host, please contact us to discuss the options.